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EVNEXUS offers a great business opportunity to sell EVNEXUS products and earn a great revenue.


Please fill the form with complete personal information, and other interest areas so that EVNEXUS understands your background.
Visit the nearby Flagship store or venue where an event is scheduled in your city for a test-ride and experience our product. In this get-together, you can get more insights on investment, ROI and customer experience.
Identify the location that is suitable to start your EVNEXUS Dealership and EVNEXUS conducts verification processes in different verticals such as finance, legal, operations and marketing until which the applicant await us.
Our design team guides and conducts audit on the showroom and workshop for its readiness as per our guidebook.
A working capital is submitted by the dealers for vehicles, spares, kits etc and a dealership agreement is issued as soon as the showroom is ready with stocked products and other equipments.
EVNEXUS trains your sales and service staff on technology and customer service departments and constantly engages with you for continuous development. Sales KPIs are defined.