EVNEXUS Battery Swapping

Battery Swapping

EVNEXUS enables its customers to swap their batteries and powertrains through our exclusive battery swapping services that boosts your electric vehicle plans. EVNEXUS’s plans are designed in such a way that it brings down your spending on batteries and electric mobility adoption, so that your transition towards greener energy is seamless. Our products are geotagged for safety and irrespective of whether 2 or 3 wheelers, our one-stop battery swapping platform supports you with zero downtime.
EVNexus Battery Swapping

What's Battery Swapping?

Battery swapping is one of the novel and fast-refueling ideas in EV vehicles. EVNEXUS provides you instant alternative for EV batteries in India. E-mobility hesitancy is primarily due to long waiting time for charging. To overcome this drawback, refueling comes as a boon. In battery swapping, the discharged batteries are swapped with fully-charged batteries reducing the time taken for recharging. This helps you save time, one of the primary limitations of zero-emission vehicles. The proposed battery swapping model, to get rid of the discharged batteries from vehicles, overcomes a number of challenges faced in electric vehicles such as lengthy charging time, anxiety of waiting and huge costs involved.
EVNexus battery swapping features

Add-on features

Interoperable: Diversified range of support rendered across small factor vehicles like 2-wheelers to sub-one-ton micro truck.
2 minute Quick Swap: Smart batteries are swapped at EVNEXUS within a mind-blowing couple of minutes rather than 4-8 hours of traditional charging time.
Advanced Thermal Management: Chilling experience from EVNEXUS solutions brings you real-time temperature regulation when charging, through proficient air conditioning of battery packs.
Digitally Secured Transaction: Pay-as-you-go is a revolutionary concept, technologically-supported by RFID, to digitize your payments and authenticate your transactions.